Studio Freshh is a  multimedia production company focused on positive and innovative contributions to community and planet. Our mission is to share your stories, with an approach which engages, informs, and inspires. We spread the word to a broad audience who wants to learn about and be involved in positive creation, contribution, and change.  We also like to experiment and play around.

Our process is highly informed and collaborative – a synergy of understanding the client’s message, interpreting it with our freshh and energetic style, and guiding choices from concept to fruition.  We help you form and articulate a clear, clever, and consistent message.  Our goal is for the production process to be fun, and enriching, for everyone involved.

We work with companies, small and large; foundations; community groups; artists; and anyone who wants their story told.  To each project we bring a depth of experience as professionals of audio/video/web production and communications/project management.  So, while creating the vision, we are also expertly crafting the plan, coordinating the logistics,  and staying on top of the deadlines and budget.

The result of our collective efforts is a microwbrewed product ready to be served up via multiple distribution channels.  (We can help with that, too.)