Junk Salvage

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There’s a lot of junk out there that creative and resourceful people are saving from the landfills and infusing with new life. We visit a store located at a landfill and talk with the manager and some regular customers about what they see and what they buy/sell. Down the street, we visit a true junk artist and hear about the source of his creations. Then we visit a big city recycling facility, learn about their innovative program for artists to utilize junk, and talk to an artist in residence about what she’s seeing.

Take a listen.

[audio:junk-art.mp3|titles=Junk Salvage Art]

Recycletown 3D Edddy and RAM

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  1. Dorothy and Jeph, Thanx for your junk salvage piece and my little input regarding the grass roots communities feelings concerning reuse/recycle of household items, actually,there really isn’t any reason to buy ANYTHING new, is there? It is a shame that there are not more people like you guys, trying to get the big picture across to a world of lame assholes, whom will watch and wait, until it’ll be a half past too late, because there are soooo many people that need to be educated and made aware of earth’s delicate balance that we are tipping to a point of destruction. thanks for helping, and keep it up. you can never enlighten enough people!!!! Linda..Nothin New 5600 Gravenstein Hywy. So. , Sebastopol, Calif. 95472 (707) 328-2900 ( Cell)


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