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We like to drink clean water, and we use a Brita pitcher to filter our water. The thing that bugs us the most, is that Brita does not have a filter recycling/refilling program, so we are forced to throw our used filters in the trash.

We made this video in the style of the Brita ad campaign (sorry, this is the only place these ads can be found) which focuses on the negative environmental impact of plastic water bottles.   The message of the campaign is X minutes in a meeting, or at the gym, etc. A lifetime in the landfill’.  We find it rather ironic considering that the filters end up in those same landfills.

The message is repeated in our video with the filter taking the place of the plastic water bottle.

We recommend checking out the Take Back the Filter site.  They are lobbying to get Clorox (the parent company of Brita) to take back the used filter cartridges.  (Ideally what should happen is for the filters to be refillable/reusable.)  Beth Terry is doing a great job sharing the facts and building momentum.  Beth liked our little vid so we have branded their web address onto the end.

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