3D Edddy – Sculptor of Junk

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3D Edddy has been creating sculptures out of junk since he was a child.  What started as a way to amuse himself while his father worked as a carpenter, evolved into a way to make use of the many byproducts of his ongoing house renovation, and now a career as an exhibiting artist and teacher.

Amidst the native plants flourishing in his Santa Rosa, CA yard, are many of the sculptures he has created over the years, on his own and with his students.  This is where he sorts through abundant stockpiles of junk to create pieces ranging from airplanes with spinning propellers, to large robots, to flying horses and dragons, to whimsical faces, all made from scrap wood, door pulls, bottle caps, corks, rainbow colored telephone wires for hair, and whatever else catches his eye.

He trained as an oil painter, and is quite talented in that medium as well.  But working castaway items into creatures full of life perfectly channels his vision and craftsmanship.  And, through his work with youth, he is sharing the joy of listening to the materials, and letting them guide the creative process.

He’s a fun, mellow dude, with a big heart, who’s making some really cool stuff.

Have a look at the marketing/informational video we produced for him.

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