Quesada Gardens Initiative – Growing Healthy Community Video

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We had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with members of the Quesada Gardens Initiative, to create a video that tells the story of how they approach community building in the Bayview, Hunter’s Point district of San Francisco. (Prior to the video project, we produced an audio story about QGI.)

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  1. Mary & Joel McClure Says:

    We enjoyed seeing the video – it puts into prospective what we are trying to accomplish with the different gardens initiatives and neighborhood involvement activities to make a positive and educational change in the Bayview, Hunters Point, and Bridgeview/Silver Terrace neighborhoods.
    Also creating substainable gardens are helping to educate and involve our younger generations to take pride and positive action in being a part in making a healthy and positive attitude (pride) adjustments toward their surroundings.
    Thank you for producting this video, as we know lots of research and hard work went into gathering the right information.
    Best Regards,
    Mary & Joel McClure

  2. James Ross Says:

    I Really enjoyed this project and the excitement of the community as we continued to make this dream come true. this video give more people a chance to see how a they can get involved. Thanks Studio Fresh

  3. We enjoyed the project so much, too, James – and were inspired by the kindness and care of your community connecting and collaborating!


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