Dorothy grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, exploring and learning in their forests and along their rivers. That fostered a deep connection to, and respect for, the natural world which has remained steady. Her final two years of High School were spent at an arts-focused boarding school outside of Boston, delving into her love of writing, painting, sculpting, acting, and dancing. After graduating, and a month in Berkeley, CA, she returned to Boston to study photography, metalsmithing, and building/landscape architecture.

A second journey to the West occurred in 1995. The beautiful city of San Francisco became home while studying horticulture, growing things and friendships, working in restaurants, and wandering amongst its hills and valleys. Jeph wandered into one of those restaurants and they eventually made the trip to the middle of the country, settling in Kalamazoo, MI (!) for six years. It turned out to be a great place to grow, together and individually, create a harmonious living space, develop a strong community, advance professionally, and strengthen their foundation. While working full time, doing IT project coordination and management, Dorothy obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Practical Writing/Business Communications, an education which continues to be applicable.

In 2005 it was time to shake things up, and live and explore in a variety of different places.  That included a first home purchase (in 2007), a mid-century modern fixer. Serving as general contractor (drawing on all those project management skills) she and Jeph gave the home new life, learning the business of renovation in the process. Creating that dwelling space on an acre full of life (trees, plants, flowers, moss, rocks, birds, critters) dually nourished and challenged them to the core.

After 4.5 years the gypsy life passed the torch to comfort, familiarity, connections, and roots.  A fondness for mild climes (where things grow year round and sunshine is abundant), home centered in a thriving and walkable urban neighborhood surrounded by wild nature, and open hearts and minds brought Dorothy and Jeph to Marin County, California.  They are, to borrow a favorite book title from Leo Buscaglia, “Living, Loving, and Learning.”

Dorothy’s energy is currently channeled into: conceptualizing and producing videos; writing (sharing people’s stories;  imagining stories to tell; healthy, holistic living; exploring consciousness and potential); designing and making (multiple mediums); and managing projects which are challenging, creative, and collaborative.  Key learnings center on business development, collaborating effectively, nurturing creative energy, maximizing productivity, how to make a positive difference through daily actions/ interactions, and more .

So, the ruby slippers continue along the winding path, keeping in mind that home is created from within, and the journey (exploration, learning, development, contribution) is the destination.