Here is some feedback from our clients and collaborators:

Quesada Gardens Initiative – Growing Healthy Community Video

This is the first representation of the Quesada Gardens Initiative and all the informal groups associated with it that really captures the fact that our success is because of social cohesion, not because the gardens, art and events are terrific (even though they are). It was an absolute joy to work with Dorothy and Jeph, and to feel “heard.” What’s fresh about Studio Freshh is the curiosity and thoughtfulness that leads to more multifaceted pieces than what is typically produced elsewhere.

Jeffrey Betcher, Co-Founder and Organizer –  Quesada Gardens Initiative

We enjoyed seeing the video – it puts into prospective what we are trying to accomplish…
Thank you for producing this video, as we know lots of research and hard work went into gathering the right information.

Mary & Joel McClure, Board Members – Quesada Gardens Initiative


I Really enjoyed this project and the excitement of the community as we continued to make this dream come true.  This video gives more people a chance to see how a they can get involved.  Thanks Studio Fresh.

James Ross – Quesada Gardens Initiative

Green Festival Takeaways 1 and 2

Thank you so much for coming to Green Festival — and putting your experience out there. I love your Freshh approach! I was particularly grateful for your email and link because you picked up some of my favorite quotes from Jahi, Mutabaruka and Chuck D — and now I can see them again! Gratitude for all you do to educate and inspire others.

Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director – Green America

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Oh my god!  I have been so wanting to create exactly what you have created here.

Beth Terry, Founder –  Take Back the Filter

3D-Edddy – Sculptor of Junk Video

Its great! Love it!! Just what I was hoping for!!! I was dreaming about video and what I would like, your video of me is that dream came true!!!! Thank You both!!!!!

3D Edddy, Junk Artist

Nomad Cafe Promotional Video

Dorothy and Jeph are a great production team. They are multi-talented, intuitive, and always at the right place at the right time. They are also friendly and a pleasure to work with. Any time I want more web video work done, I’ll look no further than Studio Freshh.

Christopher Waters, Owner – Nomad Cafe

It was truly a pleasure to work with Studio Freshh. They maintained a great balance between listening to our needs and bringing their own creative ideas into the mix. They were attentive, detail driven and willing to make last minute changes. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

Justin Garland, General Manager – Nomad Cafe

Junk Salvage Audio Piece

I love it.
Thank you very much.

Deborah Munk, Manager – Artist In Residence Program, San Francisco Dump

Thanx for your junk salvage piece…thanks for helping, and keep it up…you can never enlighten enough people!!!!

Linda Martin, Owner – Nothin New, Sebastopol, CA