Jeph Foust was born in, and grew up, just outside of Flint, Michigan. His spiked hair and interest in punk music did not engender him to the straight laced crowd which suited him just fine. With his gang of teenaged explorers, he skated driveway ramps and public cement, learned how to really rock at live shows, and bought/repaired/road tripped/retired too many cars to count on all his fingers (apropos for a Flint boy in a GM family.)

During 7 years in Kalamazoo, he earned a degree in Mass Communications Technology and learned the elements of broadcasting by wearing many hats at a news station and local community access center. His path also crossed with a whole bunch of cool, crazy, creative people; lifelong friends and fellow disrupters of the status quo. He began making electronic music and video installations.

Somehow he ended up in San Francisco, one block from Haight-Ashbury, never knowing what he’d have to step over to enter or exit the front door. It was a wild time; lots of noise making and adventures in the Ram Raider (otherwise known as the “pope-mobile” or “Jeph’s Jungle Taxi”.) And that is where Jeph met Dorothy, who was working at a bar/restaurant a few blocks away. She thought the state shaped like a hand sounded pretty cool so they packed the cats and everything else (Jeph’s stuff, because of all the sidewalk and junk night scores, taking up the majority of the moving truck), drove over the mountains, past the wind farms, visited the Hoover dam, got scared by a Las Vegas donut shop in the early morning, quit smoking, and arrived in Grand Blanc on a beautiful May day.

That was 1999 and since then they’ve gotten married, learned and grown a lot collectively and individually, adopted a stray white kitty with a big polka dot, and moved a bunch of times. Jeph’s still making a lot of noise (much of it with found sounds), giving form to multi-medium visual art by assassinating technology and re-purposing discards, capturing and composing images, sharpening his mad technical skills, and learning to work with demanding producers full of challenging visions.